Reliable Precious Metals Supplier

Providing Precious Metals in the Shuswap and North Okanagan

Reliable Precious Metals Supplier

Providing Precious Metals in the Shuswap and North Okanagan

Brazen Bullion

Brazen is a demand broker for physical precious metals including gold, silver and platinum. Our primary focus is on silver and we prefer sovereign bullion.

Sovereign bullion comes from a government mint which also means it is legal tender. Sovereign bullion is always in demand, is saleable back to wholesalers, fetches the highest premium, and ensures that the metal is mined with ethical standards.

3 Reasons to Own Silver Now!

  1. It is currently trading at ~50% of its 1980 price. Can you name one other asset that is trading at less than one-half of its 1980 price?
  2. Silver’s relative value to gold is also known as the silver-to-gold ratio (SGR). In 1980 it took only 15 ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold. In terms of supply, there are 19 ounces of silver in the earth’s crust for each ounce of gold. Brazen believes this ratio will compress from the current rate and closer to the 1980 peak of 15:1, suggesting the outperformance of silver relative to gold.
  3. Silver is an industrial metal as well as a monetary metal. Silver is fundamental in both the electric vehicle revolution and the green power initiative in solar panels. It is estimated that solar panels will absorb >25% of the silver mine supply alone!

The 10 Rules of Silver

1. Silver is real money
2. Physical silver is a hard asset
3. Silver is relatively inexpensive
4. Silver isn't just cheaper to buy, but it can be more practical to sell when needed
5. Silver outperforms gold in bull markets
6. Silver inventories are falling
7. Industrial use is growing
8. New supply is falling
9. World demand is growing
10. The gold/silver ratio favours silver

Brazen Bullion

About Us

Brazen was established to fill a void in the local North Okanagan/Shuswap area so that individuals and companies could source physical bullion in a private and secure manner. This allows our customers to build and store wealth privately outside of the paper financial system. Brazen accepts EMT, certified cheques, wires and cash. Brazen will always confirm an order with specific product details and prices before locking into an agreement.

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